WUSC Local Committee Fundraising - WUSC Local Committee Fundraising
Refugees Welcome Here! Loan Policy Advocacy & Student Support

Support York Student-Sponsored WUSC Refugee Students to Pay Off the Burden of Their Transportation Loans and in their work to end this policy!

This page is the work of many- the York University Refugees Welcome Here! campaign committee & allies that drive the fundraising on this page!

Together we are trying to end the burden of transportation loans and help York-sponsored refugee students to pay theirs off until we finish the job!

Together we raised almost enough to pay off the loans of two students sponsored on the Keele Campus for 2016-2017 (those funds are in the page's total), but more work remains to be done. Our goal is now to pay off the loans of four newly arrived York University students for 2017-2018 burdened by these loans and to work to end this burden by changing government policy.

You may not know this, but refugees resettled to Canada must pay for their travel to Canada. Since most cannot afford this because they have been displaced, the government charges them a loan to repay plus interest to cover these expenses. This means refugees and their families often start their lives here with a debt of up to $10,000 . Refugee transportation loans represent a tiny amount of total government spending but a major burden to those who must carry them. Even the government's own research bears this out!  Most refugees say that paying back these loans affects their ability to pay for basic necessities of life and causes stress for them and their families.

Please help us in our fundraising to pay off these loans for sponsored refugee students and take the time to send a message about the Minister about this policy! (see below)

This fundraising so far has been furthered through the following initiatives: 

- UNICEF@York donut sale as part of Refugees Welcome Here! Week in March 2017

- Collections at the 2017 CERLAC Annual Baptista Lecture, party of RWH! Week , March 2017

- Refugee Rights Day at York University (April 4th 2017) collections - $205

- Ongoing WUSC Keele bake sales and collections at events

- a $2000 donation by the York Federation of Students! (December 2017; overall fundraising goal on this page reduced to reflect this)

-  Individual donations from Faculty & Staff & Students & Community Members

If you would like to help fundraise to pay off these loans beyond making a donation or get involved in the Refugees Welcome Here! campaign please contact us at refugees@yorku.ca !

WUSC's Student Refugee Program - learn more about York's WUSC committees and how you can get involved and welcome refugee students to campus!

Since 1978, the SRP has enabled over 1600 student refugees to resettle in Canada and continue their education on Canadian campuses.

End the Burden of Tranportation Loans! Please contact your MP and the Minister of Immigration about this issue!

Join in the call by the Canadian Council for Refugees and others on the Canadian government to eliminate the loan burden on refugees. Absorbing the costs of transportation and medical expenses is not just the right thing to do, it is also a good investment by our society in some of its newest members. See further resources - including how to contact the Minister and your MP- at http://ccrweb.ca/en/transportation-loans .


If you would rather make an offline donation, please fill this form and return to the Local Committee you want to support.